Academy Program FAQs

When to begin study?

It is good to begin study as early as possible. The Suzuki Method makes it possible for children to begin at an earlier age than more traditional approaches. Generally, students are ready to begin formal musical study by age two or two-and-a-half.

How can children as young as two or two-and-a-half have the attention span to participate in a formal class?

A positive and supportive learning environment creates the ideal setting for Academy age-appropriate music training programs. Songs and games highlight and reinforce essential teaching points. When learned and practiced, these are combined with the discipline of formal training that lead to the development of the skill set needed for mastery and make the training experience both productive and enjoyable.

What about starting later? When is a child too old to begin study?

Beginning at a very young age has special advantages, but those who decide to start at a later time can also get fine results. The Suzuki Music Academy uses an approach that maximizes the set of advantages highly motivated older beginners bring to formal classical music study. Older children, teenagers and adults, who begin study later, are able to enjoy great success.

What is the course of study like?

Students advance at their own pace through a curriculum consisting of small steps that lead to the mastery of musical skills. Good form, poise, technical mastery, beautiful tone,  and fine musical phrasing become part of the student’s training from the beginning. The progressive repertory of pieces forms the basis for developing solid technique and musical sensitivity.

How are classes set up?

Suzuki Method concepts are applied. Classes are structured to provide individualized instruction within the class setting. Children work together and have the opportunity to perform for others on a regular basis. This enables children to develop a high level of musical fluency. They learn to feel at ease when playing for others.

Why is parent involvement so important?

The parent plays the crucial role of ‘home-teacher’, giving children an important advantage in the development of talent and in the acquisition of musical skills. The parent’s close involvement in the training process creates a special opportunity for parent and child bonding through positive shared experience.

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